Noravia’s Advantages

Noravia already have:
  • Experienced Human Resources( staff and Management team)
  • Working team, since August 2010, on the ground (Tanzania’s Gold Mine project)
  • The technology for Gold Exploration through High-tech system and ground scanners, which can show us the exact position of Gold in any depth
  • The Refinery in Antwerp for selling the Gold in the international market

Major Project Advantages

  • Massive Gold Resources in the allocated NORAVIA area
  • High Quality and quantity of gold resources
  • Easy treatment of gold into commercialized product
  • Existing infrastructure and roads, water and power resources available
  • Low manpower costs
  • Existing airport facilities
  • Vicinity to the airport to easily supply the produced gold to the world market
  • No environmental significant impacts
  • Humanitarian work: Cooperation in development of Tanzania and local human community