Noravia’s Infrastructure

Existing Infrastructure

  • Water resources available (inside the lot)
  • Access to the existing road transportation means of Iringa - Njombe (Njombe – Songea Road)
  • Airport facilities available in the area (Njombe airport, 12 Km)
  • Manpower, resources available (Njombe town with 150.000 inhabitans
  • Housing facilities for expatriates (Njombe town in 10 Km)
  • Energy resourses (electicity & fuels )avalailbe in the Njombe area.

Infrastructure to be created

  • Internal Roads connected with
  • Water storage & recycling facilities (water will be obtained from near by River)
  • Electricity will be supplied from the local network, and additional locally from generators and wind mills
  • Helipad will be build on site
  • Housing & leaving facilities for expatriates in Njombe town