Noravia's News

April – August 2016
  • Noravia’s team currently dealing with evaluation of the selection of mining equipment.

January - March 2016
  • Our Company Team participate in the PDAC 2016 International Convention Trade Show & Investors Exchange. The world known exhibition in Toronto – Canada for the mining industry. The purpose of the participation was to be inform for the latest news and updates in the mining industry.


  • On January was conducting DCC District meeting in Wanging’ombe District for further information of the project.

October - December 2015
  • The period October-December were conducting many meetings with the local authorities in Njombe to Region, District and Ward level. The meetings were for the public announcement of the project to Njombe and Wanging’ombe District.
  • Noravia’s team participate in the exhibition of ABITAT 2015 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

September 2015
  • On September were delivered to the company new testing mining & processing machines for the preparation period of the Njombe Mining Project.

August 2015
  • On August the company was granted with the Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate from NEMC and the Ministry of Environment for the Njombe Mining Project.
  • The same month the company participated in the BUILD, OIL & GAS exhibitions that were held on Mlimany Conference Center in Dar es Salaam.

June-July 2015
  • The period June-July were conducting many meetings with the local authorities in Njombe from Region to Village level. The meetings were for the public announcement of the project and to provide information to the local communities according the project, the mining industry, land acquisition and compensation issues.
    All the held meetings was conducting with the presents of officers from the Njombe Region Authorities such as Land, Mine, Environmental, Agriculture, Social Welfare and Natural Resource Offices.


  • The same period the company provide cooked food for lunch to more than 600 people from the local villages.

  • May 2015
    • On May was completed the auditing of the Feasibility Study for the Njombe Mining Project of the exploration and the research phase.

    February 2015
    • On February was conducted the site verification of the Noravia Project from NEMC officers. There were held meeting with the local authorities in region, district, ward and village level.


    January 2015
    • On January 2015 was conducted the first Board of Directors meeting for the New Year with the objectives of amended the new yearly agenda.

    November 2014
    • On November begins the Environmental Impact Assessment according to the Regulations and Acts of National Environment Management Council (NEMC) and Ministry of Environment.

    September-October 2014
    • The period September-October 2014 was completed the 3rd phase of the exploration program to confirm the already known results.

    September 2014
    • On September 2014 the Company was granted with the Certificate of Intensives from Tanzania Investment Center (TIC).