Noravia’s Gold Mine Project


NORAVIA GOLD (Tanzania) Ltd was established in Tanzania to participate in the exploration, extraction and trading of gold and other minerals on the global markets. Noravia’s geologists are in Tanzania since August 2010, for drawing all the preliminary studies.

NORAVIA Gold Ltd., has signed Prospecting License of agreement for any mineral, with respect to mineral resources Gold, with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals of Tanzania to develop gold resources of the Njombe District which is located 780 km South West from Dar Es Salaam.

NORAVIA’s Gold Ltd Prospecting licenses PL 9128-2013 – (286,61 sq km) is for period of 11 years and it’s for exploitation of gold resources in two different pieces of land with total expanse of 286.61 km2 in the Njombe area.

NORAVIA Gold Ltd has Prospecting Licenses for Gold from the Ministry of Energy & Minerals and is allowed to expand the leased and by means of National Assembly vote to this effect. According to existing legal status Tanzanian Government may inspect but never stop production.


Proven reserves in NORAVIAS LOT are potential very high.

NORAVIA is planning to develop and establish a mining (open pit – tunnel) operation and to exploit and sale the produced gold to the International Market

Capacity of planned Noravias operation will be at full expansion of 52.000m3 dally production of dust, 7,500m3-12 hours shift daily ore recourse (625 MTN/p.h – 12 hours shift).



Map from Ministry of Energy & Minerals (MEM)

Position of Noravia’s Gold Ltd field No PL 9128/2013